Monash Medal Award

The Monash Medal is awarded annually to an Australian who has made an outstanding contribution to the Australian community and beyond.

The Rotary Club of Melbourne presents the Medal to remember and honour Gen. Sir John Monash, a significant Charter Member of The Rotary Club of Melbourne and of Rotary Australia (RCM was Australia's first Rotary Club in 1921 and Monash was its 2nd President).

Monash was outstanding in his contribution to the community before and after WW1 during which he was the first Australian Commander of all Australian Forces on the Western Front. He planned and the Australians spearheaded the victory in The Battle of Amiens commencing 8 Aug 1918 which led to the far earlier than predicted end of WW1.


The Monash Medal is awarded for Leadership, Integrity and Service – values of Sir John Monash and of Rotary - to an outstanding Australian who has made a significant contribution to the Australian community and beyond.

Monash Medalists

Sir Gustav Nossal awarded Monash Medal, Michael Bennett, Dr Kevin O'Flaherty
Sir Gustav Nossal (centre) awarded the 2010 Monash Medal

Patrick McGorry receiving Monash Medal
Patrick McGorry AO awarded the 2011 Monash Medal


The Rotary Club of Melbourne 0808 Committee is responsible for seeking nominations and selection of a short-list each year.

Discussions are held with the leading candidate to assure that she/he is willing and able to accept the honour.

The RCM-0808 Committee forwards its candidate's name to the RCM Board for ratification at the May board meeting. The RCM President formally writes to the nominee asking her/him to accept and be presented at the RCM meeting on or before 8 Aug of that year. For 2017 it is Wednesday 2 August.


Who can nominate an Australian to receive the Monash Medal?

Any member of the Rotary Club of Melbourne, or of those organisations which collaborate with the 0808@Shrine Remembrance Ceremony – eg. 0808 Inc., Spirit of Australia Foundation, Gen. Sir John Monash Foundation, Engineers Australia, University of Melbourne and Monash University, The Shrine Trustees and Management, RSL, Monash Leadership Forum Schools, Anzac Centenary Committee.

What is Required?

The nominator provides basic personal data (name, address, phone and email address), reasons for the nomination and a short CV.

Monash Medal Nomination Form - PDF
Monash Medal Nomination Form - Word docx