Following an address at the Rotary Club of Melbourne (RCM) in April 2005 by Roland Perry on his new book, Monash: the outsider who won a war, Kevin O’Flaherty discussed with Perry the lack of recognition of Monash and understanding of the Australian role in ending WW1 in 1918 long before expected.

Kevin convened a representative group at The Shrine of Remembrance on the 87th anniversary of the Battle of Amiens on 8 Aug 2005. 0808 was agreed and has been held annually since.

The Monash style planning group were –

Each year at 0800 on 8 August, the RCM-0808 Committee would convene a Remembrance Service (0808@Shrine) to be held in the Sanctuary with short addresses and related activities to follow.


To honour the contribution of Sir John Monash, significant Charter member of the Rotary Club of Melbourne, founded 21 Apr 1921, the first Australian Rotary Club. Sir John was President 1922-23.



An annual remembrance at The Shrine on 8 Aug at 0800 to commemorate the efforts of the Australians in planning and achieving the victory at The Battle of Amiens that brought about the early end to WW1.

Monash Medal

Awarded by Rotary Club Melbourne annually to an Outstanding Australian who by her/his Leadership, Integrity and Service has made a significant contribution to the Australian community (and beyond).

Related Activities for Rotary Club Melbourne


RCM-0808 works with many related organisations such as 0808 Inc., Spirit of Australia Foundation, RSL, Engineers Australia, The Gen. Sir John Monash Foundation, Scotch College, Monash University and John Monash Science School.

Shrine of Remembrance Medal 2012

Our convener, Kevin O'Flaherty, was a finalist for the Shrine Medal which recognises individuals or organisations for their contributions to the education, understanding and the promotion of Victorian service and sacrifice at times of war and peacekeeping. RCM-0808 was convened and chaired 2005-2012 by Kevin O'Flaherty.

2014-15 RCM-0808 Committee

Peter Davis – Chair
Pauline Burren
Bill Charlton
Mev Connell
Bruce Davidson
David Kram
Stephen Lake
Doug Marshall
Bernie McIntosh
John McIntosh
Kevin O'Flaherty
Peter Rogers
Malcolm Simpson
Chris Wang
Robert Fisher is our RCM Board Director