ABOUT 0808 Inc


0808 was established to support and provide funds for the activities and events organised by the Rotary Club of Melbourne 0808 Committee. When the RCM-0808 Committee was established in 2005 it was agreed with the RCM Board that no welfare funds would be sought for 0808 activities.


0808 Inc raises funds to support RCM-0808 activities:

In addition 0808 Inc supports related activities such as:

To date over $13000 has been raised to directly fund these activities.

0808 Inc takes initiative to undertake new ventures and to co-ordinate related organisations

Organisation and Executive

0808 Inc is a not for profit association incorporated in Victoria on 18 Jan 2010.

Membership is open to all persons and organisations interested in supporting the aims of the Association.

Executive members

Kevin O’Flaherty – Convener and Chairman
Michael Bennett – Deputy Chairman
Bruce Davidson – Public Officer
Doug Marshall – Treasurer
PR Officer - vacant