0808@Large is a 0808 Project to inspire Victorian schools and community organisations to learn more about 1918 through performance and remembering our heritage during the Centenary period.

Learning about 1918 through performance

0808@Large will encourage and support them to perform songs and music from 1918 Cantata - Peace: A Cantata for John Monash for their students and the public during 2017 and 2018.

You and your Choir can rehearse all or some of the choral songs and solo arias from Peace - A Cantata for John Monash. Accompanying narration will put these important events in perspective.

A Concert with massed Schools and Community Choirs is scheduled for Hamer Hall, Melbourne Arts Centre, for 6.30pm on Saturday 9 September 2017.

0808@Large remembers the Australian Diggers' contribution under John Monash' leadership to end WW1 far earlier than anyone expected following the breakthrough victory of the Battle of Amiens on 8 Aug 1918 (0808). The War was over 95 days later.

Join Us for 2017-2018

If your School or Choir would like to join us in 1918 Peace Cantata performance or if you need further information, please contact Kevin O'Flaherty - kevinof.0808@bigpond.com

Support for Schools and Organisations

0808@Large will –

Primary School Choir
Port Melbourne Primary School - Monash Choir - at The Shrine

Scotch College Senior Choir
Scotch College Senior Choir
Kevin O'Flaherty introducing the premiere performance of 1918-0708
at Queens Hall, Parliament of Victoria, 5 Aug 2011


1918: Peace – a Cantata for John Monash

(@ 12 Sept 2016)

  1. Peace
  2. To the Soldiers – Monash's letter 0708
    Monash + male choir
    French Horn and Timpani
  3. Equip Yourself for Life
  4. Under Southern Stars
  5. Marvellous Melbourne
  6. Educate Yourself
  7. Mathilde Trio
  8. The Epitome of a very Modern Student
    Monash – Baritone
  9. Monash – The Engineer
    Duet or solo Baritone
  10. Marvellous Melbourne – Bust and Recovery
  11. I'll Always Love You
    various duets – massed refrain with choirs
  12. Foreboding
  13. Monash – Soliloquy1
    Monash – Baritone
  14. Prayer for Peace
  15. Dearest Wife
    Monash – Baritone
  16. The Landing Choirs
  17. Grace Wilson – He's My Brother
    Mezzo + Soprano with female choir
  18. Far from the Radiant Southern Cross
  19. Pink Telegram
    Widow and Digger/Officers
    Soprano and Baritone
  20. Empty Chair
  21. Not for King but Country
    Baritone + male choir
  22. Our Little Town
    Digger and VB Women
    Tenor + female choir
    Small part for children's choir?
  23. Arise Sir John
    King + Diggers
    Tenor + male choir
  24. When We Win This War
    Monash and King
    Baritone and Tenor (+ male choir?)
  25. Lost – Won
  26. Monash and Melba
  27. Monash – Soliloquy2
  28. Monash – Soliloquy3
  29. Monash – Soliloquy4
  30. Home at Last – Boxing Day 1919
  31. Grace Wilson – Abbeville
  32. Mathilde – Braille
  33. Finale - But for Your Community
    all singers

What is 0808@Large

0808@Large is a project of 0808 Inc. in collaboration with The Rotary Club of Melbourne (RCM) and its 0808 and Arts Committees.

0808 Inc. through the 0808 Team works with primary and secondary schools and community choirs in regional Victoria and Melbourne. The 0808 Team includes –